Irrigation Systems

A beautiful landscape doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to your yard. With a professionally installed and maintained automatic sprinkler system, your landscape will be the envy of the neighborhood! Save time and money. A properly installed system will apply just enough water only when necessary without you lifting a finger! irrigation2

Landscaping Services


We offer complete design and installation services. We can customize your system to your needs, whether it’s simply the front lawn, the garden beds or the entire landscaped area.

Spring Opening

Our experienced experts will turn on the water supply and check for leaks (repairing as necessary). They will then adjust the heads for optimal coverage and reset (program) your controller.


A must to protect your investment. We will shut off the water supply and shut down your controller and master valve. All lines and sprinkler heads will be blown out (drained).

Sprinkler watering grass
Irrigation system watering garden lawn. Landscape design. Gardening

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    At Greenview Team, our goal is to be the only landscape company you will ever need.. The Greenview Team ® currently services over 1,000 of your neighbors in the Buffalo and Western New York area, and has set the highest standards in the Buffalo NY lawn care and the Buffalo NY landscaping industry.

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