Additional Lawn Services

Available April thru September

Everyone knows that proper mowing, fertilizing and watering are keys to a healthy, beautiful lawn. But, there’s more …. Here’s some secret weapons to make your lawn healthier and more vigorous. Our Greenview Team of lawn experts can set up a complete lawn program for you that will make your yard the envy of the block:

We will “core” [punch] holes into your lawn to allow oxygen, moisture and nutrients to reach the grass roots. We recommend this service yearly

Our dethatching will remove the shallow root layer any dead grass embedded in your lawn using a powered rake. Lawns with Kentucky Bluegrass are very prone to this condition. We recommend this service once a year

Revitalize your tired old lawn. Our “specialized power equipment” achieves nearly perfect growing conditions by insuring the grass seed is in good contact with the soil. We also offer complete lawn renovations, new lawn installations (broadcast seeded or hydroseeded) and sod installation

Reduce those annoying bumps in your lawn that seem to pop up in the spring. We recommend rolling your lawn once a year for a smoother lawn. Springtime is the best time for this service

Now you know some of the secrets the professionals use to keep those athletic facilities, golf courses etc. in eye-catching condition. Of course there’s more. Let the Greenview Team set up a complete lawn care program for you.

Small Landscape Accent Design

Available April 1st thru End of Season

Sometimes we are so used to our surroundings that we don’t see the obvious in our own yards. Stand back and take a good look; is there something noticeable sticking out beside your deck, pool, next to the house, in the front yard or back by the fence? Something you just can’t move and place somewhere else? Maybe it’s time to conceal it … that’s where we come in. It’s those relatively inexpensive small touches that can finish off your landscape “painting”.

  • Utility Boxes
  • Air Conditioner Units
  • Pipes
  • Gas Meters
  • Mail Boxes
  • Light Posts
  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Stumps
  • Compost Bins

Our Greenview Team of landscape design experts can create a beautiful solution to hide or otherwise camouflage those often overlooked things that detract from your homes curb appeal. Your landscape should be as attractive as possible. It is an extension of your indoor living space and a reflection of your personality. Let us help you maximize your outdoor living space.

5 Step Lawn Care Program

Available April thru October]

Why bother? The benefits of a healthy lawn far out weigh the inconvenience of maintaining one, here’s why:

  • The front lawns of just 8 average homes have the cooling effect of about 70 tons of air conditioning
  • Turfgrasses trap dust and dirt released into our atmosphere
  • A 50’ X 50’ turf area absorbs carbon dioxide, ozone, hydrogen fluoride, sulfur dioxide and releases enough oxygen to meet the needs of a family of four
  • Healthy dense turf absorbs rainfall and prevents soil erosion
  • Turf grasses help purify water entering underground aquifers
  • A well maintained lawn adds significant value to your property

The Greenview Team understands the turf grass needs of the Western New York area. Our glacier soils don’t lend themselves to a “boiler plate” approach you can buy at a big box store. We have put together a 5 Step Lawn Care Program that utilizes EPA approved and environmentally friendly fertilizer products that we time properly for maximum effectiveness. Control Crabgrass, lawn weeds and enjoy a healthy, green lawn.

It Doesn’t Stop There

We can customize a program to suit your specific needs including preventive and curative measures for insect control. Our turf expert has over 40 years of experience right here in Western New York.