April through end of season (weather permitting)

When we talk about a house having “curb appeal”, few things contribute as much as a beautiful lawn. The best lawns are properly prepared prior to any new installation. Skipping steps here will cause problems and headaches you will have to contend with for years. The Greenview Team offers a number of options for installing turf grass areas:

A simple process utilizing water (hydro), seed, fertilizer and a wood fiber or paper fiber mulch (hydro mulch). These are all mixed together at one time and applied over the soil. Thus, the soil is seeded, fertilized, watered and mulched in a one-step application.

This is grass that has already been planted from seed by a local farm. It’s then harvested by slicing a very thin layer of topsoil and sent directly to the installation site.

Definitely the least expensive way to install a lawn. The same preparation is necessary for this type of seeding as for Hydroseeding and laying Sod. Then the seed is “spread” over the prepared soil area and raked in.

Regardless of which method you choose there is going to be additional maintenance to insure a beautiful lawn: watering, fertilizing, weeding and general maintenance. The Greenview Team can help with this too. We service all of your outdoor needs: lawn mowing, fertilization, rolling, aeration, dethatching and irrigation system installation and maintenance.

Green Grass a Thing Of The Past?

The Greenview Team will bring your lawn back to its original glory. Whether it is small repairs or entire lawn replacement, we can do it!